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My Night Bungy Jump at Macau Tower

I leapt from 233 meters – the tallest bungy jump in the world!

Why is creativity important in today’s world?

Competing closer to the frontier of innovation requires creativity. Creative impulses generate new ideas, enable us to recognize new patterns and relationships, and ultimately allow us to stretch…

Hong Kong’s SmarTone iPhone Plan 1/3 of US’ AT&T

Facebook Likes on a Retail Display in Tokyo

I saw the above retail display in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

English-language Chinese tech & marketing blogs to follow

Stay up to date on tech and marketing in China straight from the boots on the ground.

English Cover Letter Help Website Shiny English

Shiny English has been rethought and relaunched. It’s now a marketplace for document revisions focused on cover letters.

Importance of Recreating your Logo in Text

This is UOB’s logo: This is how UOB recreates their logo for use in their email signatures:   ||||United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd     Risk Management Division                …

Sina Weibo doesn’t use OAuth to access your Gmail contacts

I got the following alert when I signed into my Gmail account after allowing Sina Weibo to access my address book:

Sina Weibo English Translations

I made English annotations on the Sina Weibo interface using Gap’s page as reference.

Local Search is Broken

Earlier today I did an interview with Eric Schwartzman on On The Record Online. I felt it was fast-paced and maybe I didn’t get my ideas across the…