What Time Traveling SEO Specialists Could Tell You

Most people in the market for SEO services are price sensitive and don’t have knowledge of the intricacies of the algorithm or its updates. Often SEO firms must educate buyers to make them more knowledgeable in a way that helps them understand the benefits of their services. It’s prohibitively expensive, however, for buyers to determine how quality and price vary across firms. This asymmetric information leads to problems of opportunism, whereby the SEO firm benefits at the expense of the buyer with less information. Read On…

SEO Effectiveness Quadrant

How effective is your SEO? I came up with the idea of a 2×2 cost-effectiveness quadrant while on a train from Beijing to Shanghai.

SEO Effectiveness Quadrant

Here’s an example of each quadrant:

HIGH COST, LOW EFFECTIVENESS: Traditional marketing that spills over to the web

The Fiat 500 Arbath SuperBowl commercial, which spiked branded search queries for the new car brand, but trailed off soon after.
Abarth search demand surrounding superbowl commercial
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Stuff You Wouldn’t Think New York City Is #2 In

New York City is the:

  • 2nd most important financial center, after London
  • 2nd most important fashion capital, after Milan
  • 2nd largest city economy, after Tokyo.

Even within the US, NYC is the:

  • 2nd in apparel-textiles employment, after Los Angeles
  • 2nd most ethnically diverse metropolitan area, after Houston
  • 2nd in number of tourist arrivals, after Orlando

Why is creativity important in today’s world?

Singapore (Photographer: Munshi Ahmed)

Competing closer to the frontier of innovation requires creativity. Creative impulses generate new ideas, enable us to recognize new patterns and relationships, and ultimately allow us to stretch beyond what was previously deemed possible and prosper. A creative economy, instead of racing to the bottom in terms of skills and cost, is a race to the top by continuously generating and exploiting intellectual property. In today’s world, the success and perhaps even survival of individuals, companies, and nations as a whole rests on the ability to think and act creatively. Read On…