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AmEx Sync, Marketers, and Twitter: Who Wins and Loses with Pay-by-Tweet?


You can now buy something by tweeting it.

Hear me discuss the new AmEx Sync on American Public Radio’s Marketplace.

American Express cardholders who sync their card to their Twitter handle can tweet with a special hashtag what they want to buy, tweet again to confirm, and a few days later a package arrives at their door. The consumer obviously wins, but among everyone else how will AmEx Sync pan out? Read On…

Why Tianji growth in the English-speaking market is slow

Tianji, “the LinkedIn of China”, has an English version. Here was my experience. I clicked “English” in the upper right corner and proceeded to fill in the registration form. I clicked “Sign Up Now” and was presented with the registration form again, this time in Chinese. I filled it out again and hit the registration button, but was told my name didn’t validate as it wasn’t in Chinese characters. I gave up and left the site.

Later when I tried it again, once I got to the Chinese registration form I clicked “English” in the corner and was presented the registration form in English, which I filled in and registered successfully. The site makes you click “English” even after you continue to click “English” the initial time.

Poor user experience and I don’t see them growing that much because of it.

Sequoia Invests Multi-Millions in Milanoo without SEO Due Diligence

How does a small Chinese e-tailor of wholesale apparel, often copied from designer brands, manage to outrank websites like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, pull in $16 million a year, and last week get a multi-million dollar investment from Sequoia Capital?

I decided to find out.