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Is Triberr down? Domain Expires, Takes Down Sites Using It

Bloggers who use Triberr, a tool that helps them share each others blog posts on Twitter, found their sites redirected to a parked domain this morning.


AmEx Sync, Marketers, and Twitter: Who Wins and Loses with Pay-by-Tweet?

Hear me discuss the new AmEx Sync on American Public Radio’s Marketplace. American Express cardholders who sync their card to their Twitter handle can tweet with a special…

7 Reasons to Remove Extensions From Your URLs

Having them doesn’t provide any insight that the user needs. Your users couldn’t care less about what software you’re running behind the scenes.

English-language Chinese tech & marketing blogs to follow

Stay up to date on tech and marketing in China straight from the boots on the ground.

English Cover Letter Help Website Shiny English

Shiny English has been rethought and relaunched. It’s now a marketplace for document revisions focused on cover letters.

Sina Weibo doesn’t use OAuth to access your Gmail contacts

I got the following alert when I signed into my Gmail account after allowing Sina Weibo to access my address book:

Sina Weibo English Translations

I made English annotations on the Sina Weibo interface using Gap’s page as reference.

Why Tianji growth in the English-speaking market is slow

Tianji, “the LinkedIn of China”, has an English version. Here was my experience. I clicked “English” in the upper right corner and proceeded to fill in the registration…

Chinese social network profile pages in SERPs

Interestingly enough, is the best – URL has the username instead of user ID, unique title, and the meta description is what the person wrote on their…

Sequoia Invests Multi-Millions in Milanoo without SEO Due Diligence

How does a small Chinese e-tailor of wholesale apparel, often copied from designer brands, manage to outrank websites like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, pull in $16 million…