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8 Reasons Pay for Performance SEO Rarely Works

Tape measure

Pay for performance SEO incentivizes shortcuts

“You have to produce results in the short term, but you also have to produce results in the long term. And the long term is not simply the adding up of short terms.”
- Peter Drucker

Instead of shifting risk to the agency, pay for performance SEO can engender short term thinking, hide risk and exacerbate negative consequences for the client. Read On…

What Time Traveling SEO Specialists Could Tell You

Most people in the market for SEO services are price sensitive and don’t have knowledge of the intricacies of the algorithm or its updates. Often SEO firms must educate buyers to make them more knowledgeable in a way that helps them understand the benefits of their services. It’s prohibitively expensive, however, for buyers to determine how quality and price vary across firms. This asymmetric information leads to problems of opportunism, whereby the SEO firm benefits at the expense of the buyer with less information. Read On…

SEO Effectiveness Quadrant

How effective is your SEO? I came up with the idea of a 2×2 cost-effectiveness quadrant while on a train from Beijing to Shanghai.

SEO Effectiveness Quadrant

Here’s an example of each quadrant:

HIGH COST, LOW EFFECTIVENESS: Traditional marketing that spills over to the web

The Fiat 500 Arbath SuperBowl commercial, which spiked branded search queries for the new car brand, but trailed off soon after.
Abarth search demand surrounding superbowl commercial
Read On…

How Capital One Piggybacks off the Growth of AutoRevo to Rank Number One for [Auto Loans]

Capital One ranks number one on Google for [auto loans].

Their most linked-from domain?

Here’s how it works:
Car owners who sell their car on eBay that use a template from AutoRevo have a section about financing (and a link to in their listing.

Capital One Auto Loans link on eBay

Capital One Auto Loans link on AutoRevo's eBay template

Dealerships that use a dealer website template from AutoRevo have the same thing.

Another link to Capital One Auto Loans

Capital One Auto Loans link on AutoRevo's dealership website template

The result is Capital One maintains the top spot for a highly competitive keyword based on the growth of a car dealership web design company. Quite clever.

Interested in SEO research on Capital One or another firm? Contact me through Digital Due Diligence.

Sequoia Invests Multi-Millions in Milanoo without SEO Due Diligence

How does a small Chinese e-tailor of wholesale apparel, often copied from designer brands, manage to outrank websites like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, pull in $16 million a year, and last week get a multi-million dollar investment from Sequoia Capital?

I decided to find out.