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Stuff You Wouldn’t Think New York City Is #2 In

New York City is the:

  • 2nd most important financial center, after London
  • 2nd most important fashion capital, after Milan
  • 2nd largest city economy, after Tokyo.

Even within the US, NYC is the:

  • 2nd in apparel-textiles employment, after Los Angeles
  • 2nd most ethnically diverse metropolitan area, after Houston
  • 2nd in number of tourist arrivals, after Orlando

Malaysia Kitchen NYC: Too Crowded, Too Expensive

I like the idea of a Malaysia food festival but it’s location and compactness made it too crowded with ambiguous lines and people pushing right up against one another. The stalls were too close to each other and it reminded me of Ladies Market in Mongkok in Hong Kong but with food instead of clothes and longer lines.

I waited in a long line to get chicken satay and when I got to the front I said “ayam satay” which in Bahasa Malayu is “chicken satay” but they didn’t understand so had to say “chicken”. I thought I’d be understood.

Lastly, I payed $5US for two small sticks of chicken satay with the peanut sauce already on top of it (not on the side). In Singapore, it’s $0.50SGD per stick. It also included some weird bread. I’ve never had bread included with satay. This was the Todd English-involved food stall.