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Stuff You Wouldn’t Think New York City Is #2 In

New York City is the: 2nd most important financial center, after London 2nd most important fashion capital, after Milan 2nd largest city economy, after Tokyo. Even within the…

US City Quality of Life Rankings

Households have a substantial willingness-to-pay to live in areas with coasts, slopes, sunshine, warm winters, and mild summers.

Bloomberg on Hong Kong and New York

Sunrise over Lower Manhattan

Woke up this morning, opened my blinds, and saw this:

Triptych of the Great Wall of China

I took this picture while at the Great Wall of China two years ago. I now got it blown up, put on canvas, and cut into three. All…

Malaysia Kitchen NYC: Too Crowded, Too Expensive

I like the idea of a Malaysia food festival but it’s location and compactness made it too crowded with ambiguous lines and people pushing right up against one…

Batmobile Spotted in Bowling Green

I read elsewhere online that this wasn’t even for an upcoming Batman movie.

NYC WTC Tribute in Lights – 2010

My pictures of the September 11th Tribute in Lights memorial, 2010. From the September 10th test run (taken with my iPhone):

Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Pictures

Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge near sunset and shot this: Found this interesting restaurant street in lower Manhattan: I like the lighting in this one, from the sun…

Hong Kong and New York City Streetlevel Comparison

Behold The brick and concrete of New York City: The glass and steel of Hong Kong: Hong Kong wins. I did just notice NYC has trees and bike…