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Working on Weibo Agent

I’m in Dalian, China until August 29th (and coming back later) working on Weibo Agent, a lead generation SaaS tool for Chinese social media, that got funding from…

English-language Chinese tech & marketing blogs to follow

Stay up to date on tech and marketing in China straight from the boots on the ground.

Importance of Recreating your Logo in Text

This is UOB’s logo: This is how UOB recreates their logo for use in their email signatures:   ||||United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd     Risk Management Division                …

Local Search is Broken

Earlier today I did an interview with Eric Schwartzman on On The Record Online. I felt it was fast-paced and maybe I didn’t get my ideas across the…

Do you believe that SEO will eventually end someday, as algorithms become smarter?

I was recently posed this question by a journalist from Revista Exame (a business journal in Brazil). Here was my answer.

Facebook Pages – Advanced Tips

Pages on facebook – Advanced Tips

Spontaneous Order of the Internet

I’m reading the book The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google and liked this quote in it, which the author quoted from The Wealth of…