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Mangiare Italian Street Food in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Mangiare Italian Street Food Review: Beware Bait and Switch

Mangiare is a new Italian restaurant on Cadogan Street in Kennedy Town. It’s only open for dinner and doesn’t take reservations for less than 8 people. Around 9pm…

HKBN Moutza

Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Cross-Cultural Gaffe

A Greek friend points out that the home page of, a broadband company in Hong Kong, uses an offensive hand gesture called the moutza. Here’s protestors in…

iMessage Spam in Hong Kong from Taiwanese Game Developer

The Half-life of iMessage Spam in Hong Kong

I’ve been getting iMessage spam lately and decided to take a closer look at one. I immediately noticed they use a shortened URL, so looked up its…

Curtains in Hong Kong: Where, how much, and how they look

I bought curtains in Mongkok for my living room and bedroom for HK$1,680, including rail installation.

Lime Stardom: My New Hong Kong Apartment

Lime Stardom? It’s not a new type of Jello, but the unusual yet intriguing name of my new apartment in the brand new Lime Stardom building at Tai…

Hong Kong’s SmarTone iPhone Plan 1/3 of US’ AT&T

The Dark Side of Hong Kong

Abuse in Hong Kong’s textile, prostitution, and maid industries, put to music, by MTV Exit.

Bloomberg on Hong Kong and New York

Hong Kong and New York City Streetlevel Comparison

Behold The brick and concrete of New York City: The glass and steel of Hong Kong: Hong Kong wins. I did just notice NYC has trees and bike…

Hong Kong MTR vs NYC Subway Signage

Hong Kong MTR Signage at Tsim Sha Tsui East Main Differences: Platform Screen Doors First Class Passenger Section Cleaner Painted on floor in front of doors to show…