Mangiare is a new Italian restaurant on Cadogan Street in Kennedy Town. It’s only open for dinner and doesn’t take reservations for less than 8 people.

Around 9pm on a Sunday I experienced a bait and switch sales tactic here. After ordering the steak and waiting a while, a separate waitstaff than the one we placed the order with informed us that the kitchen made us a 500g steak, larger than what we ordered. The waitress asked us to to pay for the 500g steak and when we declined she said it was not possible to serve us our original order of the smaller steak. She furthermore refused to just serve us the larger steak they made but charge us for what we originally ordered.

Subsequently we walked away from the restaurant and would recommend others not to dine here too.

Additionally, other drawbacks to dining at Magiare are all their seats have no backs, it’s expensive, very cramped, and if you’re seated in the backroom it’s noisy.

1 out of 4 stars (1 star for the concept)