Agoda uses a Google Hotel Ad that features a super low price to drive traffic to a landing page of a similar-sounding hotel that is not the hotel being sought. It’s classic bait and switch.

Here’s what happens:

1. User searches for W Hotel in Hong Kong on Google Hotel Finder

W Hotel is a boutique luxury hotel that costs around HK$4,000 per night.

2. User sees an Agoda ad to book this hotel for HK$700/night

Wow – “74% less expensive than usual”!

W Hotel ad from Agoda

3. User clicks the ad and lands on the I-Hotel page on Agoda

This is a hostel, a big step down for people expecting to stay at the W.

I Hotel page on Agoda

Is this an isolated incident, a bug on Google’s part, or is Agoda willfully abusing Google Hotel Ads?