I’ve been getting iMessage spam lately and decided to take a closer look at one.

iMessage Spam in Hong Kong from Taiwanese Game Developer

I immediately noticed they use a goo.gl shortened URL, so looked up its stats. Anybody can do this for any goo.gl URL by appending .info to the end of it.

iMessage Spam Shortened URL stats

They started their iMessage spam campaign just before 9PM Hong Kong time. Considering that I got my iMessage from them at 9:24PM and that conversion rates online tend to be in the low single digits, if just 1% of this spam campaign resulted in 4,818 clicks, that means they iMessage spammed 481,800 phone numbers, about 7% of the population of Hong Kong.

The developer of this app is 337 Games, based in Taiwan but with a WHOIS record in a Mong Kok, Hong Kong virtual office. They also spammed a local forum.

I wonder how many  downloads they got out of annoying so many people.