Ascendas IT Park in Dalian

I’m in Dalian, China until August 29th (and coming back later) working on Weibo Agent, a lead generation SaaS tool for Chinese social media, that got funding from Chinaccelerator.

We successfully rocked the room at Demo Day in Beijing on Oct 30th, 2012. Here is our press release:

Weibo Agent, the lead generation SaaS tool for Chinese social media, today unveiled the latest enhancements to its service at Chinaccelerator’s Demo Day 2012. Born inside Shanghai’s Lean Startup Weekend and having just graduated Chinaccelerator, the first seed-funded mentorship-driven incubator in China, Weibo Agent helps B2B companies build, track, and manage their potential customer base on Chinese social media, starting with Sina Weibo.

“Especially in China, social media is really changing the way business is done,” co-founder Michael Michelini said. “Weibo profiles are becoming like Chinese IDs.” The biggest challenge with using social media, however, especially in China, is cutting through all the noise to identify qualified prospects. After an initial requirements gathering, Weibo Agent fills users’ sales pipeline with qualified leads. Once found, Weibo Agent helps keep track of and manage these relationships. Users of the tool convert more leads with less work.

The startup is seeking US$200,000 in funding and plans to use the money to integrate additional data sources from other Chinese social media platforms, building its own API, and integration with SalesForce and other CRMs. To learn more about Weibo Agent, please visit or contact Michael Michelini at mike at, phone 15816859376, or, of course, weibo @michelini.