Salary distribution of jobs in Hong Kong

What is a good salary in Hong Kong?

By looking at job counts on JobsDB, one of Hong Kong’s top job search sites, I found that 70% of job openings have a salary less than HK$30,000.

Agoda ad on Google Hotel Finder

Agoda Abuses Google Hotel Ads

Agoda uses a Google Hotel Ad that features a super low price to drive traffic to a landing page of a similar-sounding hotel that is not the hotel…

Mangiare Italian Street Food in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Mangiare Italian Street Food Review: Beware Bait and Switch

Mangiare is a new Italian restaurant on Cadogan Street in Kennedy Town. It’s only open for dinner and doesn’t take reservations for less than 8 people. Around 9pm…

HKBN Moutza

Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Cross-Cultural Gaffe

A Greek friend points out that the home page of, a broadband company in Hong Kong, uses an offensive hand gesture called the moutza. Here’s protestors in…

iMessage Spam in Hong Kong from Taiwanese Game Developer

The Half-life of iMessage Spam in Hong Kong

I’ve been getting iMessage spam lately and decided to take a closer look at one. I immediately noticed they use a shortened URL, so looked up its…

Cathay Pacific Facebook Sponsored Post

Cathay Pacific Fails at Sponsored Posts

Facebook’s algorithm positioned Cathay Pacific’s sponsored post after this negative post about them.  Not sure whether to laugh or think this is smart – especially with the social…

Tape measure

8 Reasons Pay for Performance SEO Rarely Works

“You have to produce results in the short term, but you also have to produce results in the long term. And the long term is not simply the…

Guardian's "Is Google's love affair with content marketing usurping SEO?"

Content Marketing Can’t Sidestep SEO

To answer Jonathan Piggins’ question in The Guardian, “Is Google’s love affair with content marketing usurping SEO?”, the answer is no. Here’s my rebuttal

Is Triberr down? Domain Expires, Takes Down Sites Using It

Bloggers who use Triberr, a tool that helps them share each others blog posts on Twitter, found their sites redirected to a parked domain this morning.

Google Images sidebar is gone and how to benefit from the change

How to Increase Your Referral Traffic from the New Google Images

At the end of January 2013 Google unveiled its new Google Images interface redesign. Hongyi Li, Associate Product Manager at Google, explained, “Instead of sending you over to…