Cathay Pacific Fails at Sponsored Posts

Cathay Pacific Facebook Sponsored Post

Facebook’s algorithm positioned Cathay Pacific’s sponsored post after this negative post about them.  Not sure whether to laugh or think this is smart – especially with the social proof of another friend liking Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific LinkedIn sponsored story

It’s dangerous to talk up your service as it invites people to disagree via the comments.

8 Reasons Pay for Performance SEO Rarely Works

Tape measure

Pay for performance SEO incentivizes shortcuts

“You have to produce results in the short term, but you also have to produce results in the long term. And the long term is not simply the adding up of short terms.”
- Peter Drucker

Instead of shifting risk to the agency, pay for performance SEO can engender short term thinking, hide risk and exacerbate negative consequences for the client. Read On…

AmEx Sync, Marketers, and Twitter: Who Wins and Loses with Pay-by-Tweet?


You can now buy something by tweeting it.

Hear me discuss the new AmEx Sync on American Public Radio’s Marketplace.

American Express cardholders who sync their card to their Twitter handle can tweet with a special hashtag what they want to buy, tweet again to confirm, and a few days later a package arrives at their door. The consumer obviously wins, but among everyone else how will AmEx Sync pan out? Read On…

China’s Digital Talent Deficit

Dystopian Shanghai

Why are there no brands from China that leverage digital channels to the fullest and do so globally? Moreso than the Internet in China being insular (e.g., Weibo instead of Twitter and Baidu instead of Google) and censored (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, and others are blocked), digital marketing agencies (and in-house departments) lack talent. Read On…